Well I've been waiting to share some DIY projects with you guys but have been quite busy doing other projects. But I'm in this cool club FFA Challenge Club over at Vintage Revivals and today's challenge was to buy a piece of furniture for your house that freaks you out just a little so I thought I'll share some old things that were made new once again on the cheap.. I know. I know. This isn't nothing you ever seen before but I still wanted to share my cheap finds that I made new on a dime with you. Check it out

 OK I found this table at a garage sale for a measly $5.00 looks pretty old time doesn't it? No it didn't come with the paint on it already I just forgot to take a before pictures so I stop as I was painting to get this pic. As you can see there is very ugly scratches on it and I think some old paint that I could get off but nonetheless I continue to spray paint.  Now lets check out my progress in the next pic below.

Now this is the back of the table as you can see we still need to keep spraying to get the results I'm looking for... Now because I didn't prime first I had to cover with spray paint numerous of times to get the look I was looking for.  Now check the pic below to see how the table end up looking....

 So what you think? If you see a little yellow on the top of the table that was done deliberate a strategic move on my part in an effort to coordinate with the room it will soon live in. Now check out how it looks below  in the room it now lives in....
Just a can of spray paint, maybe a couple cans of spray paint depending on the size chair and here it is finish!
This is the finish product


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