Happy Monday friends, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today I decided to post about something that I'm often asked. How to include views of a man when it comes to decorating the home? Mostly I can lead by experience, my husband and I in many ways are on the same page when it comes to styles but time and again we disagree on decorating choices for our home. My husband love warm in cozy and I love light and serene something you call calm and peaceful but what I’ve learned along the way, when we communicate we often find out that we have a lot of the same views. So therefore it becomes about finding the middle ground, give and take but no confrontations or compromising for either of the parties. Ladies take note when your husband or partner likes a certain style, see how you can incorporate him in the decorating decisions and vice versa men when you see your wife or partner admiring a certain style take note and then a middle ground could be determined. When decorating my bedroom I had to take in to consideration that my husband likes warm and cozy then I realize hmm I like cozy and I like warmth so the next hurtle was how to bring light and dark together. Well I would say I may have leaned more tours’ my husband side warm in cozy but it didn’t bother me as long as I could change it to light and serene in the summer mouths.  That was how we met in the middle. The  question still remains, how do you meet in the middle? Ladies here are some beautiful bedrooms with men in mind. I’m sure finding the middle ground in these rooms wouldn’t be a problem.

I love this room, the four poster bed is beautiful and I love the texture on the walls. This is a middle ground I welcome.
This bed I always loved from the Bombay company before they went out of business, boy do I miss that store. I absolutely love this look.

Now this room is warm and cozy, light and serene this is a room that any married couple can meet in the middle of. Love it!!

This is a room I can clearly live in as a women although this room has a lot of man qualities it's very neutral for a women also.

Very clean and straight lined

Can't you see this as a boys bedroom or something even for guest
If this isn't a mans room, I don't know what is!! I love the rich woods and leather throughout

This has to be one of my favorite rooms I love the dark and lightness of this room. The wainscot molding is gorgeous
Light and dark plays well in this room any man would love this.

Ladies one last thought. Let this be a fun experience because there are  when there are no middle ground often rooms never gets done because no one is willing to bend if the both of you are  agreeable to bend a little for the other you will soon be on your way to a beautiful room. 

Remember if you should ever need any assistance in making these decisions you can always call on Key Interiors be Shinay. This is what I do and I'll be happy to make your rooms what you both can live with. With that being said I would like to ask a few questions.


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