Hello friends how are things? Have you ever had an odd shaped space in your home so as to have you going bonkers?  That was the case in a clients home I decorated a few years back. This couple is beautiful in every way and they even have good taste but an odd space was giving them trouble. (Now you know we can’t have that). Right! Well this sweet couple called me for help to get to the root of what was making their room look so awkward and I have to tell you I was a little scared but I wasn’t backing down from any decorating challenge so I ran over and immediately I was able to point out what the issue was. I said “it’s that tricky wall right there or should I say window” well my motto has always been If you can’t get rid of something or can’t ignore it make it a focal point. A focal point makes it something to look at. When considering ideas how to decorate you must always think about what you’re trying to accomplish. In my case I was trying to make the window go away because of its awkwardness which made it a tricky wall. Watch what I did to solve this problem.

The Rules:
Keep the dresser  
The blue carpet must stay
The desk must stay, need workspace in the bedroom no exceptions
Keep the air-conditioned in the window- in hindsight I would not have taken the photos with the AC in the window. This is a forewarning:
Very low budget

Did I do it?
As you can see there is only one window on this wall. It makes it very awkward. Would you agree?
The window awkwardness solved because we place the window covering at the width of the whole wall now we make it blend with the rest of the wall it’s no longer just a little window in the way but a wall with balance and function.

Office space before

Office space After. Sorry foR the AC in the window!

The desk that must stay very big and bulky. Yikes!!!

The Desk After, I guess it doesn’t looks so bad. Right!

This cabinet must stay,hmmmm good thing it was moved  to another wall

As you can see I moved the cabinet to the taller wall on the other side of the room. By the way this is the dresser that I had to stay because of budget so this desk and the cabinet switches places. Oh I love the African lady in the picture next to the door; isn't she beautiful?

This is the tall wall next to the bathroom. I eventually moved the cabinet to this wall this is where the dresser use to sit it was to wide so it was moved to give me room for the workspace hmmmm. (There is a reason for my my madness ha!).
Here is the cabinet moved to the taller wall- Makes more sense right? Because this cabinet has not a lot of width it gives me the space I needed to put the workspace on this wall.  Sometimes all needs to be done are a little space planning.
I love the art peace on the wall. Quick that was very easy to make. All I done was take some wood and cut it to size and wrap and staple pretty fabric around it and Walla you have instant art.

 Friends odd shaped spaces aren't difficult to decorate; you just have to get creative and always remember what you’re trying to accomplish with the space and what is the emphasis you want to focus on with that space?


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