Hello friends, it’s time to share another before and after with you. I recently had the chance to help a couple turn their plain master bedroom into one that was warm and not so bare, now I must say it wasn’t as easy as I thought. My clients who normally trust me to do a great job I learned was very worried which had me like what! "How can you not trust me after I’ve done pretty much your whole house"? Well the trust word was quickly thrown out the window once my clients explained their take on their bedroom. My clients assured me of their trust, they said it wasn’t a matter of trust because they had complete  confidence in me (woo I dodge a bullet there) but they wanted to know that sleeping in their bedroom was going to be something they can both live with. I had to remember this is the place you first see when you wake up in the morning and the last place you see at night so this had to be something they can live with on a regular basis so needless to say I truly understood their concerns. You see my clients knew that I like to push the envelope at times they were sure they didn’t want the envelope push that far in their bedroom so I had to assure them I understood their concerns and I would make sure this room would be everything they asked for. So friends without further ado please check out the before and After of my beautiful clients Master bedroom.

The rules
Cant paint all the walls 
Warm and cozy 
Something could live with for a long time
Small budget 
Finish before Thanksgiving 
Don't touch the beautiful tray ceiling 

So did I do it?

As you can see the room was pretty bland, bare and no real feature!
I couldn't touch the beautiful tray ceiling! What a bummer...
Hey, what you think one wall done in wallpaper?
The client's loved the wallpaper choice. This wallpaper did everything the clients wanted it gave the room character without being overbearing and most of all it gives it the warmth the clients want.

What will I do with this bland wall? I couldn't paint it that was part of the rules.
What do you think? Did I warm it up despite no paint?

Sorry for the blurriness I'm not a photographer
The clients love this part of the room. The husband said this is his favorite part.
I hate pointing out the negative but I wish I could have put the window panels ceiling to floor. I tried but couldn't find long enough panels in time to finish but it worked out because I was able to use the panels in the middle that were the clients and that too save money so it all worked out in the end.
 (But I still wish!)
I love the furry pillow
I love the leopard print throw
This room is now warm and just what the clients want.

What do you think?
Please let me know in your comments below!


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