What a beautiful room for a little girl. I could only wish I had a room as beautiful as this room when I was a kid. We are going to tour a few beautiful girl bedrooms that are truly inspiring.  Our first room tour is of a beautiful little girl’s room that seems to adore the color blue and a watermelon color pink. But most of all what a  relaxing, peaceful and serene looking bedroom. Check out these beautiful little girls room tours.
Check out the Striped ceiling!!1 Wow Beautiful!!
Love the Chandelier and the ceiling is to die for!
How Calm and relaxing


I just love touring little girls rooms because they are always so beautiful  and this room is no different. This room with its soft pinks is so mellow and calm what a peaceful place to sleep. Check out this beautiful young girls room.
I love the poof!! Isn't it just lovely?
And a bathroom to go with it!! What a great space for a little girl.

So what you think? Was this a nice tour of a beautiful girls room? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did please let me know what you think of the soft pink color in the room and how about you did you have a bathroom in your room when you was a kid?

Check out this next beautiful Girl Room Tour  its simply gorgous this room makes me want to be a little girl all over again
I love the beautiful sea-grass wallpaper!! Lovely
Now I have to mention the cute little monkey on the bed its just a lovely edition to the room...

That monkey really is cute!!!


This Room tour is amazing, the colors in this room is so rich and vibrant and most of all fun for any little girl. I love that the designer weren't afraid to use lots of patterns that most probably wouldn't use together. What a beautiful design
Check out the yellow ceiling! WOW there is a lot going on but good for the imagination

How beautiful is this room , so fresh and calm
Love how everything fits into this small space and it looks so good.

How cute is this little girls bedroom tour- I love the geometric pink and whit rug and the lovely pink poof that's sitting on the floor and did I fell to mention the white walls as backdrop to all the prettiness. Wow Beautiful!!

So cute!!!
This beautiful girls bedroom tour is set for a little princess and I'm sure she couldn't be happier. Check out the rest of the room below
Just like a fairytale


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