Hello friends! How are you doing? I hope you had a lovely weekend. I have a confession to make “I love vintage” yes vintage style, you know era, time and age. Yup “I love it”. I love the entire classic characteristics of it. The style is so traditional and who of us don’t love the very thing of common designs. A style which makes us feel at home and a since of coziness. Cozy and classic “that’s me “and I have a since I’m not the only one who love the classic style of vintage? I have to tell you I had this post prepared for a while now and schedule to go out today but I wanted to do a little revision of it because earlier today I was able to witness a good friend of mine photography Kristy Tasca and so happen she had a beautiful shoot with a family and the theme was vintage and boy did she do a good job so when you get the chance go over to Kristy Tasca blog and check out how she sees vintage in the eyes of her lens. I think you will enjoy it as much as I do. Now without further ado I will love for you to take a look at some girly girl vintage bedrooms that will make you say (I looove me some Vintage style) Now I love vintage so much this isn’t the first post I’ve done on vintage style. I also had done a post on Vintage style Teen girls Bedroom Ideas so you’re welcome to take a look. Now this post has a lot for young girls and teen girls vintage style bedrooms if you are interested here are some cool vintage bedrooms for girls I just had to share with you.

I hope you’ve got your vintage fix for girl’s rooms today friends. Until next time! (Thanks for hanging out with me Vintage Style) and don’t forget to check out Vintage Style Teen girls Bedroom Ideas and you have to see what Kristy Tasco photography has cooking on vintage style –so what you’re waiting for!! Go…. Go check it out here


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