This room was done for a couple who loves to travel all over the world but yet still have a few places they haven't been. Because they travel so much they’re able to meet lots of people and acquire a lot of photos from their travels so it was only fitting to have a place for their friends and family when they come to visit.  My clients called me to do their guest room for them because they wanted to finally have a place for their guest and all their beautiful photos they take on their travels. Now as you all may know in most of my designs I’m always challenged to use something or use a color the homeowner already chosen and this room was no different. My challenge this time was the paint color the homeowner chose himself and his wife was dead set against but guesses what? This was no challenge at all for me because I was so happy he made the choice because I didn’t have to be blamed for it! “hmmm isn’t hat selfish of me” but no really I loved the color from the first time I laid eyes on it. The Smokey gray color is very modern so the real challenge was discovering how to bring traditional and modern together.  

Did I do it?

Check out the before picture of the guest bedroom

Beautiful Smokey Gray Walls and a beautiful cherry-wood twin bed. Love it!

How about that bed! Pretty right! Check out the After Photo


Like a lot of rooms I do. Something has to stay,this was a beautiful piece of art the homeowner loved so much she wanted to honor it and keep it in the room. Here is where I used it in the room..
Here is the picture on the side wall next to the bed

This a rocker chair the homeowners wanted to keep but you know,"I couldn't allow it to stay as is although the color weren't bad for another room scheme"

After!!! Yellow! I love it...The new painted rocker chair.
Yellow trim on the canopies
Yellow artwork

My DIY Project For This Guestroom 

DIY Pillow not quite!! This pillow was a store bought pillow but was not the colors I had desired all but the red so I painted the flowers yellow and the heart gray made for a perfect color combination in the room design.

5 dollar table!! Spray painted with the color red and a touch of yellow- look how good it looks in this room.

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