Hello lovely friends, every once and a while I have a color crush somewhat of an increasing love for a certain color and (the color turquoise is among my crush today) but I must say I’m feeling a crush on a color combo in the heart of the home (the Kitchen) no less. Yes as you may have seen on my blog a few times me crushing on a color. You may have also heard me say” if I crushed a lot on one particular color I might just be in love with that particular color”. Well I have got to say, this is such the case with the color combo Turquoise and Green. I’ve been flirting with the color for a long time in fact way before I started this blog. Years ago I challenge myself to get bold and out of my comfort zone and design something different, something that will initially put fear in a person but yet in the end make them trust in the spirit of taking risk. Years back I did it. I took a risk on designing a kitchen in this exact  color combo Turquoise and Green and friends I must say it was a scary adventure but I did it nonetheless. Well without further ado I prowl down some beautiful kitchens in the beautiful color combo Turquoise and Green and I even have that bold and risky kitchen I did for you to see at the bottom of the page too. Take a look!

I absolutely love this Turquoise and Green Kitchen

This is the start of the Kitchen I've designed years  ago... It's bold and somewhat different at-least its what I thought years ago before I ever seen other rooms decorated in the turquoise and green combo. So without further ado here is the room designed by me a long time ago.  
Here is the kitchen I did below!
I's this bold or what? Turquoise walls, green and brown cabinets and Slate and blue glass tile for the back-splash. I have to confess this was scary!

This kitchen is very retro in style and the colors on the pic's looks more muted on camera. The cabinets were painted brown on the backs and the doors painted green and I'm sure you see the touch of brown rubbed in for that extra touch.
A few shelves were added  over the fan and a new cabinet next to it. In fact this whole side is all new cabinets because of the lack of counter space this was a must.  I had to bring in base cabinet that could rest a counter-top on. Previously there had been a tall cabinet in the same place which left no room for counters or no place to put a microwave.  Although small kitchen trust me the new arrangement proved to be Problem solved! Sorry no before pic's

Back-Splash- I promise you the pictures does no justice for this kitchen or slate and sea blue green back-splash.
The wall treatment was my favorite part of this kitchen. Can you guess what's on the wall? I'll tell you later!
The kitchen didn't have a island before- More counter space was the challenge in this kitchen. Oh I love that the island is not the same color of anything in the kitchen which makes it interesting
I love the picture arrangement and most of all that the photos inside the frames are photos from old recipe books. Easy DIY!

The curtains I love! Aren’t they cute? Well I have a little secrete for you, I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for so I decided to look else ware. Believe it or not those are shower curtains. That’s right (what you hang in bathroom to keep water off the floor). Yup when you can’t find what you’re looking for and your back is against the wall. You have got to get creative.
Here are some of the colors you can find in this kitchen I did long ago. Have you ever heard of Chip-it from Sherwin -Williams Chip It! is an online tool that lets you instantly turn any picture, from any website, into a beautiful palette of Sherwin-Williams paint colors. You can check this cool tool out here

OK before I let you go- remember I asked you to guess what was on the wall? you know  those cute little cubes  at the bottom of the wall,well its scrap-booking paper yup that paper you find at the craft store. Yes this is scrap-booking paper used as wall art. Well that's what I call it. This was my favorite thing  about this kitchen when I did it years ago- The colors blue-green and brown paper. You can't see it by looking at the photo but that paper has little specks of a shining glimmer to it. Not glitter but beautiful shimmer.  Well one day I'll show you how its done but until then thanks for stopping by.


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