Happy weekend everyone!

I'm excited to give you a little decor eye candy for the weekend with a post from a new affilate, Design Shuffle. 


Hi, all! I’m Mari, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fantastic social networking community where interior designers share their work and design enthusiasts find inspiration for their projects. I am so excited to be here visiting 551 East to talk about and share images of my favorite cool chairs. I love just about every single thing related to interior design and decorating, but chairs rise to an entirely different level in my world. My family explains to anyone who will listen and at every opportunity, "Simply put, Mari has never met a chair she didn't like. We never know what lonely stray she will bring home next." I have to admit that I can find something innately appealing about even the shabbiest of chairs. I always see the beauty and the possibilities of what can be. I hope you will enjoy the beauties I've brought along today. 

Have fun!

Cool Chair

These cool chairs are custom-made for a bright living space. I love how fabric is used to mimic woven cane. The mix of colors and fabrics is so fresh and contemporary. 

2 Cool Chair 

From Victoria Hagan, this lovely wingback chair is a study in contrasts—color, texture, pattern. What a pretty combination this is. I also love the shaggy lilac rug. 

3 Cool Chair 

One look at these cool chairs and it's obviously time to get out the interior design ideas notebook and go to work. What more could one ask of a chair? This design has it all--style, color, elegant gold calligraphy and gilded frame. 

4 Cool Chair

A very traditional piece turns feminine and gets an updated look with tiny deep pink checks. Gold painted legs and formal fringe and trim seem perfect for such a cool chair and pretty space. 

5 Cool Chair 

A one of a kind chair, this design is from Draga Obradovic for Anthropologie. It looks like aged leather, but is really coated-cotton canvas. I absolutely love that she recycled a 1950s vintage frame—so cool.  

6 Cool Chair

  This is one cool chair, all dressed up in cowboy toile and buffalo check. The color combination is gorgeous. What a style statement for a formal space with a twist! 

7 Cool Chair 

Traditional, eclectic or industrial, many living room designs could handle this wingback chair and its creative upholstery. By choosing favorite feed sack motifs and fringes, this chair could be personalizedto suit any taste.

8 Cool Chair

 Lastly, what would a post about cool chairs be without at least one quirky chaise lounge? Starting out life as a slightly stuffy formal lounge, this chair took on a cool new life with a shiny coat of fire engine red paint and an over the top whimsical retro botanical/toile motif fabric. This one will get creative juices going for sure. 


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