Hello Friends, today I thought well have a little bit of fun and do some throwback home decor. Do you remember where you were in the 70's? I know I was just making my day-view into this world and perhaps some of you weren’t even born yet. I must tell you: “I didn’t think this day would sneak up on me so fast, you know; when I'd be looking back at the time I was born as such a throwback moment in time, era sort of speak but forcefully I have to admit I'm there”. I have got to tell you I don’t quite remember these designs as much as I remember the 80’s d├ęcor and that was no picnic either. I went on a quest to find some interiors from the 70’s and older designs and I was pleasantly surprised and taken back at what I found. I thought completely old. I’ll find lots of disco balls with people sitting in the living rooms with big bush hair, bell bottom pants and old checker sofas with the plastic left on them for protection now I'm not going to say it was all good but like I said I was pleasantly surprised. Check out the interiors of yesterday, throwback style.
I would ware this today!
I would use this in someone's house today including my own if I had a place for it.
Bold designers even back then
Now I can tell this was a daring interior designer and a homeowner who weren’t afraid of taking it there.
This designer showed us how to mix pattern and make it still look good.
Nautical design was first introduced back then
I love the yellow chair, yellow ladder and the cool shelf
Love the swinging bed- A bed like this can be found in today's designs.
Now this is different,Plastic pillows

Some of today interiors that mimics yesterday designs. 

So we went back waaaaaay back. I thought it was fun to see how they did then. what did you think?


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