When decorating a room the one thing that comes to mind is what color I should paint the walls or should I wallpaper the walls? One reason for this is because we all know that the walls can make a huge impact on the design of the room. The walls is probably one of the easiest places you can make a design statement so why not take advantage of that opportunity. Here are "10 easy ways to spruce up a girls bedroom wall"
#1"Spruce up the walls with wallpaper"
#2Check out this beautiful wallpaper for a younger girl but also can be used for older girls if designed correctly.
#3How about wallpaper with the poke-a-dots its so cute just like a dream also like the letters on the wall another wall sprucer.
#4Now what teen wouldn't like this picture frame wall paper so cool!!
#5 Paint stripe on the wall and that will give you a lot of spruce for the walls
#6 Com and mellow stripe that's sprucing these walls
#7Beautiful circles on the wall is always nice
#8 love the butterflies
#9 If you don't want to wallpaper all the walls just do one- The focal point wall which is most of the time where the bed sits.
#10 Cool Butterfly Wall Stickers

#11 This is such a cute wall sticker- Love it!!
#12 More wall stickers

#13 I can see this in a teenage girls room or a dorm- cool stuff
#14 Stripes and Flowers hanging out together looks great. The things you can do with paint and you can see the rest of this room here

I hope you didn't mind a few more easy ways to spruce up your walls? Oh one more thing, wouldn't it be fun to do hand-prints on the wall in the color pallet your decorating the room in? Just a little extra wall sprucing idea.

What do you think? Will you use any of these wall ideas for your daughters spaces?

Girls are you encouraged to use stickers and paint to spruce up your walls?

Tell me in your comments below!


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