In a bedroom nothing  make a stronger impact then a headboard but what happens when your pockets are full with lent and your budget doesn't allow for that purchase at that particular moment? Right!! You have to turn to budget friendly ideas. Check out 10 DIY budget friendly girls headboard ideas Below

Did you know that there were budget friendly decal headboards that's quick and easy  this is called the
Nico Headboard -Dimensions: 39"-76" x 53" here is where to get it.
Decal headboards- Get the wrought iron look here
Another Decal for a headboard you can buy in different colors here
Wallpaper is not just for the whole wall Martha Stewart shows that wallpaper is not just for the whole wall you can use it as headboard- How clever
How cute is this canopy it give a nice backdrop to the headboard- Beautiful
WOW!! This is so easy I can do this with my eyes close, Simply install a curtain rod and drape a favorite quilt, blanket, or fabric piece over the top and your done. Martha is so smart 
I love this cute headboard idea because of the simplicity of it, its just an inexpensive artist’s canvas which was covered in fabric and propped behind the bed how easy is that and did I mention its budget friendly!! Want instruction go Here
You can use a screen for many things but did you know you can also use it as a headboard? Flickr user kimhas6cats apparently saw the potential of this screen being a headboard because she is the creative mind behind this headboard idea
I love how simple this cute headboard idea is for a little girls room or a big girls room. This DIY canopy has easy instructions at BHG
How cute is this fabric headboard? If you are willing to roll up your sleeves, go to the fabric store and find yourself a beautiful fabric and don't forget to buy  the batting to get the thickness of the headboard or if you have some leftover floor padding from a previous carpet job like I did in my guest room ( more on that later ) this headboard can be yours. If you like this lovely headboard go on over to Better Home and Gardens for the instructions
Mirror , mirror on the wall who's headboard is the easiest of them all. This his headboard is painted on the wall by hand for a quick easy bedroom update.  This is by far one of the easiest headboards to do on a budget paint and brush and WA-la. This room was done over at from Domino
I love this headboard idea, its very simple. Take a rod and just hang some pretty fabric around it and you have a headboard. The best thing about this idea is, if you want a change its easy, change the fabric and you have an all together new look.

 Did you find some great headboard ideas for girls?

Will you use any of these ideas in your daughter bedrooms?

Do you have any headboard ideas of your own that you would like to share? We love new ideas! 

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