Lots of people are afraid of bold and colorful living spaces but what do you do when a beautiful room is among you and it’s very colorful? Do you embrace it, shun it, or love it? Well I choose the latter I love it because when you see rooms that you can’t do anything but respect, you have to embrace it. Check out these very colorful living rooms below.....

How about this lovely room, isn't it beautiful? It has all the right color combinations that make this room works. Check out all the pattern but yet it all works. I love it....
I absolutely love the rug. Its beautiful!!!

I love this room because its colorful in the reverse, the green sofa stands out with color but the white walls are so subtle but yet allow the sofa to stand out and claim its colorfulness.
Here we go again with the white walls but still burst of color with the orange sofa and touches of orange sprinkled around the room. It goes to show that you don't have to paint your walls a bold color to make your room colorful.
This room I love!! I love the dark walls and the pops of color throughout, the orange coffee table makes a statement along with the cute blue and green lamp. I love this colorful living room.


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