OK! Let’s face it, they have to grow up sometimes, I know it’s hard but remember we all been there. I can recall when I first wore makeup and of courses I was sneaking around wearing it because I was uneasy with parents who just weren’t going for it. "I recall the day I put lipstick on for the first time in my freshmen year of high school, knowing I  I was looking good with my high red lipstick and my high red blush on. So I thought. yes friends I thought I was a Supper Model in the making but I quickly  remembered I wasn't allowed to wear makeup. I can recall scraping my lips trying to take it off before I got home from school because you know, I couldn't let my parents see me wearing it because I would have more likely gotten it slapped off my lips. Well to get to the meat of this story I appreciate the parents  I had even though they were a bit strict "correction a lot strict" because they made me who I am today but I still think wearing lipstick as a teenager is a proper age and I only wished that I had the opportunity to openly display makeup on my dresser in my room with my parents blessing. So without further ado here are 5 Teenage Girl Decorating Ideas to Display Makeup and Jewelry.

Makeup Display
If you will like a cool place to organize your makeup this is a pretty cool organizer sold by  Lori Greiner
If you will like to be a little more creative make uses of the space behind your medicine cabinet or any door that's in your bedroom- let no space go to waste -source MagnaPods.
I love this compactor of makeup spaces it has ton of little drawers for all your makeup- You can locate this display over at QVC
How about this makeup display box from PB Teen
PB Teen

PB Teen

 Jewelry Display
How about this cute jewelry case isn't it pretty!! its called the Gold and Silver Safe keeper chair or chaise jewelry box. You can find this over at QVC

How about this cute letter Jewelry box?

Check all the fabulous jewelry displaying things over at pb teens- I love all the jewelery dress hanging displays, so cool!!

At Kristina's Custom Cosmetics Organizers,you can find this cool organizer
I love how PB Teens displays the dress jewelry display on the desk, what great ideas!!
 I hope you have been inspired to display your makeup and jewelry  around your room neatly with these 5 Teenage Girl Decorating Ideas to Display Makeup and Jewelry

Which idea is your favorite?

will you use any of these ideas in your space? 

Please let us know in your comment!


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